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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Three weeks ago, having posted 80 paintings, I brought my Pre-Raphaelite blog to an end.

However since then, more and more people have been logging on to the site, and so I decided to do a second series.

This will begin on Saturday 15th January, with the four Pygmalion paintings by Edward Burne-Jones.

When the Pre-Raphaelite blog finished, I began to prepare for a new site in which I would collect my favourite paintings from all schools of art. This will go ahead as planned, and “John’s Gallery” will begin on Saturday 22nd January at -


The Poetry Path site this week features some love poems by Henry VIII, and next Wednesday I will post two of William Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads.


Tomorrow the subject on A Touch of Culture is classical guitar music, with some great playing on the 5 short videos.


“The Harbour at St.Monance” by the Glasgow-born artist Alexander Ignatius Roche (1861-1921)



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