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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some years ago, when our eldest daughter Margaret was in Borneo, she visited the famous Sepilok Reserve for orangutans. Founded in 1964, the Centre’s purpose then was to rehabilitate orphan orangutans, and today there’s a population of 60-80 animals.

During their tour of the reserve, Margaret and her husband came across a cage containing just one occupant - a very old, blind orangutan.

Visitors can feed the animals with fruit, and, having attracted the old fellow’s attention, Margaret gave him a large papaya. You can imagine her surprise when he took the offering, broke it in half and handed one half back to her!

When he had finished eating his portion, Margaret then passed her half back to him. Again he took it, halved it and gave half back. And this happened one more time!

She says she found the incident very moving and I can quite understand that. If only humans were all as generous!!!

Margaret always takes a huge number of photographs on her travels, but this is one Google found for me.


Now, if you know what “mancinism” is, go to the top of the class.

Perhaps you’d like some clues?

People with this condition are more likely to have allergies.
Most parrots have this.
Mensa claims that 20% of their members are affected.
It’s 3 times more likely in males than in females.
Between 8 and 15% of the world population have this.
In Scotland those folk are “corrie-fisted” - yes, left-handed!

I’m naturally left-handed, but, even before I began school, I had been “corrected” and taught to write and draw with my right hand.

However, there are so many things I do with my left hand - throw a ball, shave, untie a knot, dial a phone number, punch in the numbers on the burglar alarm, turn a key in a lock. I hold a table tennis bat in either hand, but kick a ball with my left foot.

Of course, real left-handers are in good company. Among the many famous folk in that category you’ll find Albert Einstein, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland, Harpo Marx, Benjamin Britten, Paul McCartney, Magnus Magnusson, Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Lewis Carroll.


Now, here's something to think about - - - -

Man is dear to man; the poorest poor
Long for some moments in a weary life
When they can know and feel that they have been
Themselves the fathers and the givers-out
Of some small blessings; have been kind to such
As needed kindness, for the single cause
That we have all of us one common heart. (William Wordsworth)


And a picture to marvel at - - - -


Today at JOHN'S GALLERY - Schoolmates, by the Scottish painter Sir James Guthrie


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