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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This photo was taken some time in the mid-1950s. I’m at the old pipe organ in Lenzie Union Church.


This second photo taken around 1978 shows me at the electronic instrument I had in those days.


EIGHTY PLUS first appeared on Tuesday 3rd July 2008, and today’s post is No 92. During that time I’ve enjoyed showing favourite paintings and I see that they included three by the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer. Perhaps he’s the painter whose work appeals to me most of all, and so I was pleased when just recently I came across this selection of his pictures.

I've been looking back at my choice of poems in the blog, and this was my favourite. “Things”, written by Joan Dixon an octogenarian from Dorset, was quoted in a letter to the Evergreen Magazine.

So many things
Everywhere things,
My things, your things,
On-the-shelves and in-drawers things,
Old things, new things,
Useful and trivial things,
Pretty and ugly things,
Treasured and forgotten things,
Not-need-now things,
One day come-in-handy things,
Will keep-for-grandchildren things,
Hate-to-throw-away things, Oh! Too many things, Time to shed the blooming things.


As you know, I’m very keen on the popular music of the 1930s and have tried to include items that would be of general appeal.

The name Billy Thorburn will probably have been forgotten, but at one time he was well-known for his broadcasts “The Organ, the Dance Band and Me.” Here he is on piano with his band in a song which they recorded in 1937 “Don’t Ever Change.” The singer is Helen Raymond. I know the music sounds very old-fashioned, but I must tell you that semi-professional dance bands were still playing in that style 20 years later.


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You’ll have noticed that the sub-title of the blog is “An octogenarian looks back.” But would you trust an octogenarian’s memory? Do you forget what day it is? What you’re doing in the hall cupboard? Why you’ve just put on your outdoor shoes? Wonder what you’re doing with scissors in you hand?

The first post in the new blog will be of no help to you whatsoever!


Finally, I’m looking back to the late 1950s  and remembering a TV show called “Oh Boy,“ in which the South African born organist Cherry Wainer often appeared. Here she is with drummer Don Storer playing “Red, River Valley.” This clip was filmed in 1966.


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